Dress Choices for Weddings!


There is a great deal of information to discuss about weddings but let’s begin by breaking things down a little. First, I have included a short video that outlines the typical situation I find when someone calls me. Usually they have already been looking and can’t find exactly what they are looking for in a wedding dress. They like something from one wedding gown and they like something else from another wedding dress and they realize that the perfect wedding dress does not exist for them yet. So the first question I am usually asked is if I can bring together the different elements just for them. Usually this is not a problem, but as a designer, I will try to make sure that it makes sense to accomplish this creation as the bride has envisioned it. Wedding dresses are so important and so personal that it is critical that the creative process work for the individual. I can help you make this happen and I don’t know of anything that gives me more pleasure than helping a bride to create that special wedding dress that will be unique in all of the world and so she will feel great confidence on her precious day!

Second, I have created separate pages to discuss some of the other common related themes about weddings. These include Destination Wedding Dresses of which the most common is a Beach Wedding Dress; the maternity wedding dress which should be clear enough; and the mother of the bride dress which is a very important subject for the proud mother who wants to look her best on her daughter’s wedding day. Just go to these pages individually if they are of interest to you.

Third, I have not yet included any information about flower girls dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and so on. But I am fully able to create an ensemble look that is both the same and simultaneously different to create the perfect look when required. In fact, even for the bride, we often create a series of dresses to cover as a minimum, the wedding and the reception. But these are details that are usually discussed during our first meeting to determine what the requirements are and how best to achieve them. And as with most projects, budgets are discussed to determine the best approach to work within the funding constraints that exist.

I encourage you to consider discussing your wedding with me in order to determine if a custom wedding dress is the best approach for your special day!


One Dress May Serve May Themes for Different Weddings

More Details on Dressed for Weddings!

The Orlando Seamstress ensures that the dress selection for weddings will be what the bride will want.  It is the bride’s special day and what the bride wants, the bride gets.  The Orlando Seamstress know about this and will surely follow this fact about weddings.

The Orlando Seamstress also takes note of the theme of the wedding so that there will be cohesion in the bride’s dress collection for the wedding.

Orlando Seamstress Focuses on Your Bride Collection for All Weddings!

The Orlando Seamstress can make all different kinds of dresses for all different kinds of weddings.  The number one factor here is the fact that the Orlando Seamstress know what a woman want and what a woman needs for every dress selection at weddings!  This is what makes Orlando Seamstress the number choice for all the different kinds of weddings!