Wedding Gowns

Custom Made Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns are typically custom made for many reasons.  For example, a bride that has unusual size issues may find pre-made wedding gowns to be poorly fitting.  This further limits her options and makes it more difficult to find the perfect wedding dress.  Another frequent problem is that the bride finds elements of several dresses that she likes.  And realizes she wants to combine them to make the perfect wedding gown for her.  This is a very normal situation.   So the Orlando Seamstress will often create a custom dress for this bride to meet her vision of how her wedding dress should look.  Finally, the other normal situation is a bride will bring in a picture of a $10,000 designer wedding dress and would like to have it created for her at a much better price.  This is also a common scenario that the Orlando Seamstress is able to help the future bride get the dress she really wants.

Our Broad Experience Matters

Because we are also experts in created professional ballroom dance costumes, we have a experience far beyond what a wedding dress shop would have and certainly beyond what those ladies that typically just do alterations would have.  The diversity of dress and costume designs performed here provide us a very broad skill set that gives the bride much more opportunity to create something unique or beyond the abilities of most seamstresses.  

Try On Lots of Wedding Gowns

And we are the first to suggest that if you haven’t done it yet, get to a wedding salon and try on lots of dresses.  It is an experience that you will remember.  And we know that this can help you to identify specific ideas of how you want your own dress to look.  Creating a custom dress can be a challenge for the bride for the simple reason that she might not be able to imagine how the dress will look on her.  But by trying on many dresses and knowing what parts seem to work for her, it will make the entire task of creating a custom dress more rewarding for her!