Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swim Wear

synchronized-swimming-wearIt is not unusual for me to get calls from teams that are doing synchronized swimming and want to know if I can help them. Usually there are several problems that people have when they order these swim suits on line. First, they don’t always fit and then there is a question of what to do about it. Second, they realize that it is important to look different so they can be noticed. And finally, it is a matter of the budget.
One of the advantages of working with the Orlando Seamstress is that I always make custom clothing. And the same goes for synchronized swim suits as well. So the fit of the suit will be great as we will take measurements of each team member and make sure they have a great fit. And because we are very involved in other sport type activities, such as ballroom dancing where costumes can cost thousands of dollars, we are well trained to make sure that outfits are fitted correctly. And naturally, if any of our synchronized swim wear should need to be altered for whatever reason, we are happy to take care of the matter for you.
When it comes to the design of the swim suit, we fully expect to create a custom design for you. In fact, we even have one team that the children came up with the design for their swimsuits and you can imagine their pleasure when they were finally given their synchronized swimming suits that had the design they created. All of the design questions will be addressed in our initial meeting where we will go over all of the details so that we can create the perfect customized synchronized swim wear for your team. And on of our secrets is that we are experts at creating things that get noticed. After all, when you’re on a ballroom dance floor, you definitely want to be noticed by the judges and we can use our expertise in this field to create hair pieces that contain real Swarovski crystals that will sparkle in the water. When you think about it, the only part of the body that is almost always visible is the head so using our hair pieces will be a big plus for your team. We know from experience that other teams are desperate to find out where our teams have had their hair pieces made but they don’t usually want to share that information.
Of course, it all comes down to the budget in the end. The good news is that many teams have found that it isn’t really that much swimming-wearmore expensive to have the Orlando Seamstress create customized swimming suits compared to ordering standard ones online. In all cases, we would recommend you have a consultation with us so we can discuss your needs and how we might be able to help you.