We create custom outfits and have shown some categories under this heading.  Of course you’ll find dance costumes, wedding gowns, evening wear, prom dresses, costumes, swimwear and much more.  We also do alterations of more complicated clothing such as dance costumes, wedding gowns, and evening wear.  If you have a very small repair you’re probably better taking it to a local tailor shop to have it done.  They do such things quickly and it may be more convenient.  I always require an appointment with my customers and this is done for their convenience.  After all, you wouldn’t want to appear and have to wait an hour because I have a customer designing a wedding gown.

We don’t require a pattern to design something for you.  In fact, we actually will create some first sample pieces for other designers hoping to show their collection elsewhere.

Many of my new customers have called to many places only to find they really only do alterations.  And unlike these places, we create and design new clothing all the time.  This isn’t unusual so if you’re looking to have something custom made, there simply is no better place than the Orlando Seamstress to have it done.