Quinceañera Anyone?


Are your looking for a dress for Quinceañera Festival?

Well, you are preparing properly for your big event and it is a big thing for sure. So naturally you want to find the perfect, unforgettable dress for your little girl. You probably even have a big family and have already had to attend lots of those events already and you want your daughter to look very different so everyone will talk for years about her dress. The one solution for you is to have it custom made at Prestige Couture.

We will choose the fabrics and the colors that she wants. It will have the design that she wants. And it will be a dress that grandparents will be proud to see her in. And she will be very happy around her friends in it as well. It will be a good balance of her age and a girl who is starting to transition into a young lady.


Quinceañera Problems with Store Purchase

One problem that people often have is that they find when purchased at a store, it is a huge investment and it is likely that it cannot be used anymore. But we can make the dress in such a way so she can use it for a few years after her big event. For example, one way to do this is to make the top of the dress into a corset so it can be worn separately with other clothing. And because of the details and decor that have gone into this piece, your girl will be very happy to wear it again and again.

Quinceañera Festivities Sample Dress

What you can do for your Quinceañera

You can also create a dress that can be use in different combinations or variations. For example, I have already mentioned using a corset but we can create a long, ballroom type skirt as well as a shorter skirt for a different part of the big event.

All of this is up to you, but as a designer, I will point out the possibilities and then you can decide. The point is that we can make your fantasies come true. So do yourself a favor and contact me and learn what might be possible. Quinceañera good news is on its way!