Practice Wear

All ballroom dancers should have clothing available to be worn during practice sessions, hence the name, practice wear. Ballroom costumes are expensive and they are usually worn only during rehearsals to make sure that every detail of the dance goes as planned. But the many hours of actual dance practice requires dancers to have clothing to wear for such occassions.

I routine create practice wear for my customers and have some ready designs that are available to be purchased. Practice wear is not embellished with crystals or other features because these things are designed to be noticed by judges and not other students or the trainer. Yet it is often difficult for dancers to find a source for ready made practice wear.

Ballroom dancers are encouraged to contact me or visit my studio to see what is available. And as is always the case, I am able to custom create practice wear to meet your individual needs.

I really don’t have many pictures of our dancers in practice wear because we have so many beautiful shots of them dancing in their fantastic ballroom dance costumes. However I have included several photos here to give one an idea of what is available. And one more note. Typically, we often create practice wear in black however it is not essential and it can be done in other colors as you will see in some of these photos.


practice wear blue color practice wear tassle practice wear 2