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You may be looking for something for a two year old  or for a child that is much older. The big secret of the pageant dress is that it has to be much different from any other dress that the other children are wearing.  I not only make such dresses, but I have been a judge in such competitions.  And I can share some ideas from the inside by looking at a judge’s perspective.

pageant wear pinkI can tell you that if you see a dress that is standing out very much, that girl immediately attracts attention and usually will win something.  And the only one solution to find such a dress is to have it custom made. You also have a task that you need theme wear and the only solution for that is to have it custom made as well. Because it is a specific topic and each girl has their own routine so they are likely to need a specific outfit for that.






pageant wearUnfortunately, many mothers make the mistake of choosing the endless number of cheap Chinese dresses that flood the market here.  The problem is that they all look the same in the end and wearing one will not distinguish your child in the eyes of the judges.  I have had created many pageant wear in the past few years and some have landed my customers first place in national competitions.  My advice is to consult with me if you have any interest in creating something.  In some cases, I am able to work with Mothers that are on a budget that requires them to some things on their own.  In other words, we create a complete look although I am only creating a part of the pageant dress.






Also interview wear is an important consideration if required for the competition. Girls should look very appropriately dressed for their age and they should look professional.  Take advantage of the unique skills I have in creating winning pageant designs for my customers.  So come to Orlando Seamstress and we will create the perfect outfit for your contestant.