Orlando Seamstress Selected To Become Costume Designer for Movie Production

Costume Designer

The Orlando Seamstress, Nadia Goodwin, was personally selected to be the costume designer  for an upcoming movie to be released in 2015.  Based on her experience as a designer and seamstress, Nadia is uniquely qualified to create custom clothing for almost any requirement.  Since she routinely creates custom clothing that ranges from wedding gowns, ballroom dance costumes, evening wear and even princess costumes for companies around the country, Nadia is very much in demand by customers in both the Orlando Metropolitan area as well as much of Central Florida.

The movie is being shot on location in Utah and will be followed by post  production  activities during the remainder of the year.  According to Nadia, the movie is a type of fantasy of a future world that has many changes from what we have today.  In fact, being the movie’s costume designer required her to create the clothing for the actors based on the script and the director’s vision.

Nadia pointed out “This project was a challenge because everything had to be done within the budget and when many costumes are involved, this can create a substantial amount of work.”  Fortunately, she is routinely creating custom clothing across a broad range of requirements and this helped her to stay on track to get the work done on time and on budget.

Nadia’s portfolio of work is quite unique.  While almost all seamstresses are limited to doing alterations of existing clothing, Nadia is almost continuously creating custom clothing.  In fact, she was recently doing a haute couture wedding dress for a bride that was traveling from south of Sarasota just to have Nadia create her wedding gown for her Colorado wedding.  At the same time, she was delivering princess costumes for her national customers and preparing for an exhibit at a major ballroom dance competition.

No matter what your custom clothing requirement may be, contact Nadia at OrlandoSeamstress.com to learn how she can help you with your project.


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