Evening Wear

For most women, the decision to have custom created evening wear is based on one of several reasons.  These often include the desire to attend some event and look stunning, the problem of body shape that makes it difficult to purchase off the rack clothing, or the fear of meeting someone wearing the exact same dress at an important event.  No matter what the reason is, the Orlando Seamstress can help you to create the look you want.  With many years of custom designed clothing for women, I can help you get what you want.

You may note on the home page I have had the pleasure to create a dress for a wonderful lady attending the 2012 Emmy Awards.  In fact you can even see a picture of her with Bruno from Dancing with the Stars.  And what did he say when she asked him what he thought about her dress?  His answer was, “You look fabulous!”  Needless to say, she was very happy with the results she got and the thing is she could have spent much more by going to a store and buying a dress off of the rack.  But we were able to create a contemporary style in a color that suited her very well and decorate it to make her look and feel great.

I would love to do the same for you no matter what your event or purpose may be.  And although I  probably don’t need to say it, I will.  If you imagine that you can go to your local department store and see a dress you like and that it can be custom made for you at a price that is even less, you’re just mistaken.  Many dresses are made in China with very cheap labor and because they are made in batches of hundreds or thousands, they are realtively cheap to make.  Of coures, it may not be very well made and the cheap plastic or fabrics they often use on such dresses is something you may not immediately recognize could be a problem later.  But seriously, it will cost you more.  You’re paying a professional seamstress and designer to create a one of a kind dress for you.

Still, I always ask my customers what their budget is because I always want to do the best job within the resources they are comfortable with in creating their dress.  I think this is something my customers appreciate in particular because the design process is often a colloaborative process where we review the options available to us.  It begins with the type of fabric we will use, the cut and style that will best suit my customer and the accessories and decorations that will be used.

If having custom made evening wear is something you would like to try, I encourage you to contact me so we can discuss it.  There is no charge for a meeting to discuss your project and you’ll get an assessment of what we can do and how much that might cost.

But the important point to remember is that I can create something unique and beautiful just for you.  It would give me great pleasure to do so.