Evening Dresses

Choosing the Best Evening Gown

There are so many different types of events for which we need those beautiful dresses. And what is our biggest fear? You buy a beautiful dress and pay a lot of money. You come to the party and you look great in your dress and then you see your twin, …. another lady wearing the exact same dress. Wow!

Of course you don’t want that to happen. And the solution is to custom make your own dress that nobody else has ever seen before. And my little secret is that when you go somewhere in such a dress, people pay attention because your dress looks different. Nobody has seen that dress in the stores or something similar to that. And there is even a subtle confidence factor at work which exists for many reasons. Your dress has been costume made for your exact body so it will fit you perfectly and although people may not understand exactly why, they will notice often notice something … they’re just not sure what. And your own fear of meeting your twin is gone and replaced by your own satisfaction in having a costume designed dress.

Evening Gown

A Little Story About the Orlando Seamstress Evening Gown

In 2012, I had a customer attending the Emmy Awards and she was going to walk the red carpet. Talk about some stress, imagine having to select a dress against all of those actresses doing the same. She contact me and we created a dress for her which turned out great. You can read her own thoughts on the home page. But the point is she felt great, looked great, and actually had many, many compliments on her dress that evening!

Experiences of the Orlando Seamstress on Evening Gowns

I can create a dress for cruises. We live in Florida and all go on cruises and when my customers come back from their cruises, they often tell me how other ladies were showing my customers’ dresses to their husbands and telling them that they want the same! Is it a nice feeling? Yes!

So come to me and we will create your perfect dress for cruises, for social events, for office parties, or any other special occasion. And if you’re attending a red carpet event in Hollywood or Orlando, relax, we’ll create a beautiful evening dress you’ll be very happy to wear!

Benefit from our Custom Dance Costume Expertise

One of the real advantages you will have in visiting Orlandoseamstress.com is that we have a vast experience in creating custom Ballroom Dance costumes for both amateurs and Professionals.  These costumes use the best fabrics and crystals for decorations that money can buy.  It is not uncommon to see such dresses for sale on the rack at ballroom dance competitions for $5,000 or more.  And by using our services, you’ll get to tap into all of that expertise to create evening wear.  It is like hiring a NASCAR race mechanic to tune up  your car.  You’re simply get professional expertise that extends far beyond what most seamstresses could hope to attain.  So when it comes to choosing fabrics, or knowing how to design something stunning, or how to construct it, or any of the many other things that have to be considered in creating custom evening dresses, you can rest assured that we have the expertise to make it happen.  And we can do this for any size individual as well.  Hundreds of ladies of have come to us needing help with their clothing problem and we have helped them all if it is possible.

World of Experience in Creating Evening Dresses

In some cases we might tell you that there is no limit to what can be done.  It simply means that if you have a fantasy you would like to make happen, chances are we can help you to make it so.  Evening dresses our a specialty for us and we stay on top of what is happening with not only the top designers in the world, but the next tier of designers as well.  In 2014 we were in India looking at designs, techniques and styles, and in 2016 we will be in China.  Why?  Because the world of high quality fabrics extends far beyond what is available in Orlando.  In the case of China for example, we will visit and make connections directly with high quality Chinese Silk manufacturers so that we can bring the best silk fabrics to our customers for their evening dresses.

Naturally we are not doing this just for our evening dress customers.  These connections are important for our ballroom dance customers as well, but again, our evening dress customers benefit immensely from these connections that we make.

Considering all of the above, would you really want to trust anyone other than the Orlando Seamstress to create a custom evening dress for your event?  Even today as we update this page, we are being called to create another red carpet dress for a movie premier event happening here.  You’ll find that the biggest problem working with us is that we’re busy and our available dates can fill quickly so make sure if you have a requirement, you contact us as early as possible.  We look forward to hearing from you!