Princess Costumes

Custom Princess Costumes

I have to admit it is fun in a way to create these Disney Princess Costumes for people.  And I have created many of them for different people.  Sometimes it is remarkable how closely an individual can appear like the character if their hair has the same style and color as in the cartoon.  Of course a wig is often need to add that final touch, but no matter what your favorite character is, chances are I’ll be able to help you create a custom princess costume that will meet your need.

Custom Princess Costumes are often created for Princess Birthday Party Companies around the country that need high quality costumes for their visits to children’s birthday parties. But sometimes they are needed for Cosplay or just for a special Mother-Daughter function of which you can see an example below. No matter what your function is, I can create the perfect custom Princess Costume for your activity. Just contact me at 407-683-9549 or send an email to discuss your requirements.

In the picture you’ll see a mom in her custom Belle costume along with her daughter at Disney. And the next picture shows Alice. Not a Disney princess but certainly a famous character. And recently I have created princess costumes for Anna and her sister, Elsa from the Disney Movie, Frozen. You can see these below as well. Also check out the other princess costumes I have made in the portfolio here.

Most of these custom princess costumes are high quality, however as with all projects, I try to work within your budget. So contact me if you have a requirement for a custom princess costume!

Belle and Snow White Costume

Belle and Snow White


Alice in Wonderland Costume

Alice in wonderland 

Anna and Elsa

Custom Princess Costumes











And one last note.  A couple of my customers decided to wear my costumes to Disney World to take pictures with the characters there.  Can you tell which costumes were made by Disney and which were made by the Orlando Seamstress?


Two Rapunzels

Rapunzel Princess Costumes





We create high quality princess Costumes for many of the companies around the country that send a princess to a child’s birthday party.  The companies understand  they need a princess dress that looks great … like the real thing.