Custom Halloween Costumes

If you have need of a costume, it might be for something other than Halloween.   Mardi Gras, costume party, conference, or  whatever occasion, I can help.

Starwars Holloween CostumeIn the picture to the right, I was able to recreate the costume for the girl in the center.  And of course, as I have already pointed out, I do not do costumes made of plastic or rubber.  There are an endless number of possibilities so do not hesitate to contact me if you need something.   Starwars Holloween Costume

Custom Halloween Costumes can be from a specific time period, or a fantasy recreation, or whatever it is that interests you.  Just keep in mind that it is much better to plan early if you want something around Halloween as it is a busy time with pageants and dance competitions as well.  In other words, I’m busy supporting a host of different people with there requirements.  So be clever and plan early!


Disco Costume

Disco Costume

Probably self-explanatory, but planning is always critical so be sure to plan your costume with Orlandoseamstress.com early.  I would recommend two months because we receive orders from across the country for high level costumes as well as our local orders.