Custom Character Costumes are not much different from other costumes such as Halloween or princess costumes so there isn’t much  problem to create them once I have a clear picture of the details that have to be included in the design.    How much detail is really up to the customer but the one overriding factor is cost.  It literally depends on how many hours you want your project to entail.  In one instance I can say I have a real fanatic about one costume that wants every tiny possible detail to be included in the costume.  This can actually be quite time consuming but when a customer wants it and is willing to pay for it, I make every effort to ensure all of these minute details are visible in the design of the costume.

For other customers, as long as other people clearly recognize who they represent in their costume, it is more than enough.

I look forward to supporting you with your custom character costume.  Contact me if I can be of assistance.

Robe Costume
Robe Costume

We have created many costumes for characters that we know and that we also don’t know.  So if you need one for a special party or event, contact us early and we can discuss it.