I am often surprised at how frequently I am making costumes to support the requirements of my customers.  Below you will see a breakout of the different types of costumes that I am usually making for people.  I can tell you that it is not unusual for me to create Disney character costumes for different people.  So I have basically made all of the princess costumes and other ones as well.  If you need a costume made, I would strongly recommend you contact me and discuss the details of what you would like to have done.

Just keep this point in mind:  I do not get involved with the fabrication of latex masks or similar requirements.  I am a designer, not a fabricator of rubberized skin, masks and body parts.

Often the first challenge will be to have access to the right material for your costume.  If you come with pictures, we can evaluate together that part of the design.  Most of the time, people consider my costumes to be very high quality so keep this in mind when you want to create something.  In other words, the price will reflect the amount of work involved in creating your costume.

Halloween Costumes can take on so many different forms.  It is hard to pinpoint a specific genre.  Whether you wan to be a 1970’s hippie or a 1980’s disco dancer or even a full length robed Jawas (the desert scavengers) from Star Wars, I can help you to create the look you want to have.

Princess Costumes have become somewhat of a specialty of mine as I have had to make them for different adults.  I am referring to all of the Disney princesses and you can see them in the portfolio section.  I even have to do some of the prince costumes at different times.  So if you’re looking for something in this area, I have a lot of experience already and can probably help you.

Character Costumes can be a little more challenging at times.  Again, I don’t create latex or rubberized masks or other body parts.  If your costume is basically made from fabric, chances are I can help.  One example where I can’t help is if you want an accurate replica of the spiderman costume.  It isn’t really a garment and can’t be sewn.  It is a little funny when people want me to make something like this for a few dollars when the film industry spent many thousands of dollars to create it.   But I do create character costumes and often these are being made for people attending comic-con or some other similar conference and they want to look the part.