Costumes from the Orlando Seamstress

Costumes may not be required for everyday events, but there is often a need for them.  There are costume parties, Halloween parties, and costumes required for special events and sometimes for special events.

The Orlando Seamstress continues to make a wide assortment of costumes for the needs of her clients.  You can view some of them on the portfolio page at  Usually clients need a high quality costume for their activites when they contact her.  For example, she has made many of the Disney Princess costumes for companies that would easily compare with the quality of anything you would see in the Disney Parks.  Some people are even very fanatic about the  tiny details from the movies and want everything to be included.  Of course, every case is different, but there are some things you should already know.  For example, the cost of a custom made costume is not going to be cheap.  You’re paying $25 per hour labor plus material.  So you have probably already decided that “cheap” is not going to fit the bill or you would have already settled on a home made or party city costume.

And the Orlando Seamstress is not into fabricating costumes that are not made of fabric.  For example, one gentleman wanted an exact replica of the spiderman costume.  But this was some elastic material that had a printed picture on it so to speak.  It wasn’t just a matter of sewing different fabrics together.  Costumes such as this would have to be ordered and could easily cost thousands of dollars.

The bottom line is that if you need a costume for your event that is made of fabric and we can obtain it, chances are the Orlando Seamstress can help you to achieve your final look.  The best place to start is by getting a picture of how that costume would look and contacting the Orlando Seamstress so she can give you some idea of what is feasible.  Costumes are sometimes a fun thing to create.  They are out of the ordinary and she will be happy to assist you if it is possible.



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