Children Dance Schools

There are many children dance schools around the area and they all have one thing in common, they need costumes for their students when they are performing in competitions or for the final season show for the parents. The studio owners need a seamstress and/or a designer that can assist them to put together an ensemble of costumes which will support the studio in their goals. And although the costumes may be very similar in some cases, children come in all sizes and they all have to be custom fitted for them.​

Prestige couture supports many studios in putting together these collections. And most studio owners who have had the opportunity to work with prestige couture are extremely happy with the results. One of the reasons is because Nadia the owner of prestige couture has a great deal of experience in putting together ballroom dance costumes for professionals and amateurs. As a result, she has a clear understanding of how a dance costume should be put together as well as how to make it look great.​

If you are the owner of a children’s dance studio we would encourage you to consider contacting prestige couture to see if we can support you with your requirements. We think that you will find that our dependable service responsive support and willingness to work with the studio will be a great asset to your program.​

Custom dance costumes for children attending dance Studios is something we do very well and we look forward to assisting you in the future!