Change the Look of your Dance Costume

Ballroom dance costumes are often very expensive and  sometimes very difficult to sell.  One solution for this problem is to work with a designer that can take the existing costume and modify it in such a way that it appears that one actually has a completely new costume.  This represents a new idea that few dancers are even aware would be possible, but can be done by a talented designer with excellent seamstress skills.  There are several reasons that many dancers are not aware of this solution and the benefits can be significant.

The first problem that will be encountered is finding someone that would even be willing to do this type of design change to an existing costume.  Ballroom dance costumes are often very expensive  garments and most designers certainly prefer to create new costumes that command top dollar when they are sold.   While this may be good for the designer, not everyone can afford to buy new, expensive costumes constantly.

The second issue is that many places do not have a designer/seamstress with the skills necessary to both create a new design from the older costume and then perform the sewing and assembly tasks necessary to make the changes.

The third problem is that most dance costumes are not created with a specific person in mind.  They are created to be placed on the rack where an interested person will one day decide to buy it.  Since the designers are not in direct contact with the buyers, they have no experience in dealing with changes to their costumes once the design and sewing has been completed.

These problems can be considered the normal situation for most ballroom dancers looking to purchase a dance costume.  This leads to the problem that all the buyers have, and that is how to sell their used costumes.  Dancers often wish to have new costumes because  of many reasons that include, the costume is worn out or has suffered the loss of too many crystals, or is no longer in fashion, or they realize they have been seen in it too many times and need something fresh.

Modifying the costume is often an excellent way to solve the problem of the costume being worn out.   Specific parts that have been ripped, torn or faded can be replaced as part of the design change.  During this change, other part of the costume can be repaired such as replacing lost crystals which is a very common problem.

Fashion problems can often be fixed by completely altering parts of the costume.  For example, an entirely new skirt could be inserted that contains different design elements that are in style and gives the costume an entirely new look.

In many cases, much of the cost of the original design is in the top half of the costume.  It is here where most of the crystals and other design elements will be placed.  These are often very time consuming and expensive details so keeping some of these would make the new design much less expensive.  Sometimes it may require altering the back of the dress or removing one sleeve and inserting one made of skin colored spandex that has completely new and interesting designs placed on it.  The possibilities are almost endless, but by keeping the main element of the costume, the cost can be substantially reduced from purchasing a new costume.

In other words, instead of purchasing one new costume, a ballroom dancer might be able to change 5 or more of her current costumes in sufficient detail that they appear new with many benefits.

Those benefits certainly include

  • The repair of the garment and replacement of any missing crystals or other design elements.
  • A refitting of the costume customized to the owner that can help solve specific problems.  For example, sometimes a dancer may have larger breasts than the original costume could easily accommodate.  During the alterations, this problem can be resolved in one of several ways.
  • The appearance of a new costume during dance routines while saving substantial money from the cost of a new costume.
  • Making the changed costume current with current fashion trends that makes it look both fresh and interesting.

It is important to realize that a typical seamstress does not have the skills to perform such work.  The expertise to accomplish these tasks exists almost exclusively with the professionals involved in creating dance costumes.  Therefore it is essential to find  a dance designer with strong seamstress skills.  And as a point of reference, it is strongly advisable to find one that has done this type of work in the past.  Make sure you discuss this point in detail or you may find the work isn’t done properly or is delayed because of the inexperience of the person doing it.

Having a dance costume changed into a new design can save a dancer a great deal of money and provide an excellent way for the owner to create a new look for dance routines at a much more affordable price.  For more information on this subject, go to and find out much more.


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