Considering that I have made hundreds of dance costumes, the truth is that I do not do very much work for ballet dancers.  I am not exactly sure why although I suspect it is probably because there are very few adults involved in the world of ballet.  When you consider the number of people taking ballroom dance lessons and competing in this category, it is so much bigger than the ballet category.  Plus, many students of ballet tend to be younger children and parents naturally are looking for inexpensive solutions for their ballet dance wear.

But I do support ballet dancers when they contact me if it is something that makes sense for both of us to move forward on.  And that is why I have made the comments above.  If you have a need for a cheap outfit for your daughter’s ballet recital, you might be better off looking online at a store that sells these items.  It will be cheaper and more sensible as everything I make is customized.  And if you have a unique requirement and understand that custom clothing is more expensive, then contact me and I will be happy to see if I am able to help you with your requirement.

So often I have customers that have unique requirements which means their outfit must have a unique look or a special requirement.  That is one area when I have helped so many ladies for different reasons.  I have created outfits that perfectly match the “I Dream of Jeannie” character worn by Barbara Eden as well as Mary Poppins, and endless more.  In fact, I create very detailed princesss costumes for companies around the country that perform for Children Birthday Parties.  Those customers come to me when it needs to be the best!  So getting back to ballet dance wear, I hope that help you understand how I might be of help to you.