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I really don’t like when I am referred to as Seamstress and I never wanted to be one. I am a Designer! Don’t you think it sounds better? 🙂  But I agree that sometimes I do seamstress jobs too. Would you like to know what is the distinction between those words? Between individuals who know what to do with a sewing machine you will find several types. 1. Individuals who like to sew and do it for themselves and their loved ones at homes. And they do a wonderful job occasionally but they’re far from professionals. 2. Tailors. Those who can fix your clothing when it really is too massive or doesn’t fit proper. 3. Seamstress. A nice lady who will sew you basically anything you would like should you have a clear thought of what you would like. And it’s appreciated in case you bring her a pattern of that. 4. A Designer. You come to me and you know for sure you want some thing but you’ve got no thought how precisely it should look. Sometimes my buyers do not know at all what they want but they want it. And we work together step by step creating that distinctive look that only she will have and everyone will admire her. It really is my job then to come across the most effective color, fabric sort, shape and each and every modest detail for that outfit. And I love that method! I love to create beautiful things for ladies. I do believe that each and every woman is gorgeous when she is dressed right. And it’s often a wonderful pleasure to watch that transformation.

Well, you might be reading this due to the fact you might be looking for a seamstress in Orlando right now. And if you’re inside the Orlando area I certainly can support you. Why would you want to choose me?

* I have more than 20 years of experience;
* I can make anything from an easy skirt to a $10,000 professional ballroom dance costume.  (Check out the portfolio)
* Alterations aren’t an issue
* I work with any type of fabric;
* And I am an extremely nice individual to work with

What can I do for you?

Essentially anything that a seamstress or a tailor can do. You bought something that you liked a lot in a store however it is too long or too big or you want to change it somehow. I can do that. You require an outfit that you can’t locate in stores. I can make that. Your body just isn’t standard and it’s extremely difficult to come across some thing ready and you need to look quite professional or “wow”. I can do that also. You will need a wedding gown like no 1 has or 1 that is precisely like your favorite star had at her wedding. Then you’re within the correct location! You’ve got lost a lot of weight. And now nothing to wear and your favorite dress is too huge. Congratulations! When it happened to me I totally changed my wardrobe. However it was a lengthy time ago… As it is possible to see I can help you with any difficulty if it entails a sewing machine. And I work with anybody from babies till grandmas.

You’ll find several concerns that I will often hear and the first is price. I charge a flat fee of 25 dollars per hour so it is not unusual that I can give you a fairly close estimate of the price whenever you bring me some clothing to tailor or make alterations. However it is typically very challenging to tell you over the phone what the price is going to be. Take a nice lady who wants to have her dress shortened. To some folks it may well appear that a dress is a dress, but an office skirt may possibly have just over 1 yard of border although a sunskirt may well have over 5 yards. Is there lace on the bottom? Does it have any other special attachments or concerns with the way it was constructed. Occasionally these issues can only be identified when they are visibly inspected by the seamstress. But the very good news is that while a lot of tailors along with other seamstresses may possibly basically tell you it can’t be done, I will possibly tell you the time it would take to make it finished. Then my consumers can determine if it really is the best choice for them. I recently had a gentleman needing help with the creation of a unique seam for a wall covering making use of fabric. When he came the exact same evening to pick it up, he was surprised at how little the bill was. Since I am very great at what I do, it typically does not take me really long to complete many smaller projects. And my clients benefit from that efficiency.

Along with the other concern is often time. Everyone is busy and also the much less trips we have to make the better. So if I can do it proper then, I’ll be happy to save you some travel time. It really is just not usually possible as other deadlines can interfere.

So with that in mind, I hope you’ll take into account me for your next project. It will be a pleasure to show you what is achievable in the world of alterations, adjusting clothing, and creating new and special designs exclusively for you!  I’m the Orlando Seamstress and am ready to help you with your project!


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