Ballroom Dance Costumes

Ballroom Dance Costumes are a very big part of my everyday activities.  I love them because each one is “unique and so beautiful.  If you’ve watched Dancing with the Stars, than you probably know exactly what I mean.  And I have the pleasure to create ballroom dance costumes for my customers.  So let’s begin by talking a little about why you should have your next ballroom dance costume created here.

First, I can create anything and if you have seen something you already like, we can start there and create a ballroom dance costume around this idea.  There are many reasons why you would want to do this and I’ll name a few to get you thinking.

1) Fit.  Because your dance costume will be custom fitted to your body, it will fit you perfectly.  Many women do not have one standard shape or they may have areas of their body they would prefer to hide or possibly even accentuate.   That is one of the great things about a custom created ballroom dance costumes.  You’re going to feel super comfortable in it because it was designed to fit your body.  As an example, I can tell you some of my clients have purchased dance costumes off of the rack only to find that their breasts are larger than what was designed for the costume.  Therefore they are constantly worried about a costume malfunction and that lack of confidence is going to show on the dance floor.  My customers never worry about such matters because I make sure ballroom dance costumes that fit them and that are designed to move adequately to support their dancing.  Many of my customers have told me how much difference it makes for them on the dance floor as they much more confidence in their movements because they know their ballroom dance costume is going to look great.

2) Design.  Being both a designer and a seamstress, I am aware of color and accessories and how to make the costume look great not only up close, but on the dance floor as well.  Your ballroom dance costume will be decorated with swarovski crystals of various sizes and colors that will make sure you’re noticed on the dance floor.  I always bring out the crystal samples during the design meeting with my customers so they can both see and influence the decisions we are making about their dance costume.

3) Accessories.  These can be an imporant part of any ballroom dance dress and I’ll create bracelets, necklaces, or other other pieces to make your look complete.  Unlike most dance costumes where you would have to go out and try to find something after you have made a purchase, we will plan this from the beginning to make your look complete.  And I have one of the most elaborate accessory resources available anywhere.  This means your ballroom dance dress can have an elaborate or simple collection of necklaces, bracelets, hair pieces or arm bands that support your dance.  This is very unique and a great feature of my ballroom dance costumes.

4) Alterations.  It may seem out of place to talk about alterations, but sometimes my customers are training so hard, they lose a great deal of weight during their dancing.  It is a great sport afterall.  And should that happen to you, who is better to make any alterations to your ballroom dance costume than the person who designed it in the beginning.

5) Price.  Anyone that has ever purchased a ballroom dance costume off of the rack at a dance competition knows they are extremely expensive.  I can usually save my customers 30 to 40% of the cost.  Why?  I don’t pay for expensive dance competition booths that can easily cost 5,000 dollars just to attend.  Nor do I pay the airfare and related travel expenses to cart a hundred dresses to such events.  I’ll design your dress when you’re ready based on your needs and your budget.  You’ll save a great deal of money plus have the other advantages listed above and more Ballroom Dance Costumes.

These are elegant costumes used for smooth competitions and non-latin dances.